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My name is Rebecca, and I’m a leadership expert who specialises in elevating the skills and mindset of leaders of distributed teams and helping them navigate the demands of next level leadership with ease.

I write about the leaders I work with; and I write for the leaders I work with.

We talk about tactics, strategy, habits and skills and we also delve into also talk about energy, mindset, health and their vision for the future. Because when you’re a fast paced, action orientated leader who thrives on achievement, you need more than just skills and the right strategy - you need to be in peak condition, both mentally and physically.

Every Thursday you’ll receive a bite-sized burst of ideas and tools that my clients and I have explored, together with different leadership concepts to experiment with and reflect on - to help you take a more strategic and intentional approach towards the way you lead.

It’s a short read to spark big thinking and big action.



ps. You can find out more about my executive coaching, workshops and consulting work here and connect with me on Linkedin.

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I’m Rebecca, a leadership development expert & Exec Coach. For 2+ decades I’ve been coaching & guiding leaders to succeed in next level roles & build productive and collaborative senior teams. I work with leaders & remote SME's in the UK & the EU.